Confessions of an Analytics Consultant

After years of working across many industries and technologies, I want to cut to the chase to the value of BI. Through many stories of the ups and downs of traveling the country, this presentation will talk about the lessons learned from standing up a BI organization to being too technology heavy in our strategy.

 Jason Greer

Jason Greer owns a consulting firm in central Iowa and works with organizations to create real value and profit for his customers. With 19 years of experience in IT, and 14 years as a of Six Sigma practitioner, he travels the country to help organizations see the true value that internal and external data can provide.  With experience in continuous improvement and business intelligence, Jason works with organizations to measure past success and predict future trends.  For the past 7 years, Jason’s focus is to show how data tells a story and how that story can be used to better understand your customers, your processes, and your competition.

For 14 years, Jason has used Continuous Improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, Lean and Theory of Constraints to improve processes within many different industries including Construction, Service, Manufacturing, Education, Distribution, and Financial. Jason specializes in process improvement and process design, business intelligence design, financial modeling, business metrics design, and data governance.


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